Mixed Martial Arts

On these pages you will find a selection of short video clips that demonstrate basic Mixed Martial Arts techniques and drills. For more advanced techniques and more detailed descriptions have a look at the books and DVDs referenced in the links section. Note that the techniques shown here are just one way how to perform them. I do not claim this is the only possible and best way. Depending on your physique, style and taste you may need to alter elements of it. Feel encouraged to do so. In any case I hope there is something you can learn from it.

All clips are in Quicktime format (640x400px, 30f/s) and most of them are comparatively large (>10MB). Depending on the current load on the server and your internet connection it can take considerable time (>1 min even with a fast connection) to download a larger clip. Be patient or try it again at a different time. As mentioned before, all material on these pages if freely available for non-commercial use. However, if you use it, a reference to this page would be highly appreciated.

To run (or download) the clip click on the picture left to the description of a technique. You need a player capable of showing Quicktime movies. If you cannot run the movies I recommend that you install the free Quicktime plug-in for your browser, which can be downloaded here. If quicktime is installed but the browser still does not show the movies try to change your browser settings or download the movies explicitly by right clicking on the picture and select "Save target/link as...".

The Quicktime player allows one to go forward and backward by moving the slider button on the lower border. This is great to study a move in slow motion or even frame by frame. I furthermore suggest that you open and watch the clips in a second window or tab so that you can read the descriptions in parallel.

I want to thank all my partners that helped me with the demonstrations such as Ming, Veny, Chris, Jonathan and whoever I might have forgotten (let me know if that is the case).

Finally, here comes the usual disclaimer. If you try one of these techniques and you injure yourself it is obviously not my responsibility. I strongly suggest that you join a club and train under the supervision of an experienced instructor. Train reasonably and most important of all: Have fun!