Inside reap against round house kick

This is a takedown against a round house kick.

Veny is attacking with a right round house kick. I step slightly to the side and forward to reduce the power of the kick and to close the distance. My right hand comes up to cover my head and my left arm goes down to cover my side. Since it is usually hard to read the height of the kick it is a good idea to cover ones entire side instead of anticipating a specific kick.

I then bring my right hand down and slap/stop Venys knee (to slow down or stop the kick) and catch his leg with my left arm. To break Venys balance, stop him from rolling out of the throw, and to prevent getting punched by his right, I push his right shoulder back with my right arm. At the same time I step in and reap/block his left leg. Note that if you block the leg (instead of reaping it) the fall becomes much softer for your partner.

When Veny goes down I throw his leg to the side to pass his guard and place my knee on his side (above his hips), making it difficult for him to turn back into me and defend himself with his arms or legs. I take advantage of that and finish with a drop punch to the head. Note that I cover my own head while punching down.

Inside reap followed by leg bar

This is the same takedown as before against a round house kick but here I finish with a legbar instead of a drop punch.

As before Veny is attacking with a right round house kick and I perform an inside reap to get him to the ground. Instead of throwing his leg to side however, I stay between his legs and aim for a leg bar.

To this purpose I push my right knee diagonally accross his hips to the ground and sit down as close as possible to Venys hips, while holding his right leg. Note that I keep the instep of my right leg on his thigh.

I fall back onto my side and lock Venys foot behind my shoulder. By arching slowly back I apply pressure on his knee. Be very careful when training this techique to avoid knee injuries.